Changing opinions about careers, global talent networks and social media are reshaping the way organizations tackle recruitment. Good talent is rare and demanding. They are applying for jobs using mobile devices on-the-go, without ever stepping into your office or communicating with a representative. This new environment demands new methods of recruitment. This post discusses a few tips to help you jump-start your recruitment process in the Internet Age.

1. Strategize the recruitment process

Clearly define which roles need which kind of employees and who fits them best. Also consider whether you need to put all new recruits on your payroll or can outsource some of the work to other agencies or freelancers. Also consider casting your net wider to embrace superior talent that can work remotely from beyond your home country’s borders.

2. Market your brand to prospective employees

When talented prospects have the luxury to pick and choose, you must attract them to “buy” your job offering much like you would entice a customer to purchase your product. Show how your business is different from others in the industry and clearly communicate how it adds value to its employees’ lives.

3. Be visible online

You could create a-day-in-the-life-of-an-XYZ-executive (replace “XYZ” with your company’s name) video, make podcasts featuring existing employees and create videos that go viral in spreading the word about your business. To start off smaller, engage readers with blogs and articles talking about the solutions provided by your business and how they make a difference in the world. Throughout, maintain your brand image.

4. Employ social media

Don’t use social media to simply make job postings. Create communities of existing and prospective employees there. Execute referral marketing programs. Those who are genuinely interested in your business may turn out to be your most valuable recruits. Also, data gleaned from upgrading to paid services offered by social networks can help you locate top talent from across the world.

5. Cater to the young

Generation Y has career aspirations and knowledge that is far different than, say, Baby Boomers. For them, job satisfaction is equally important – and sometimes more so – as monetary compensation for their efforts. Revise your incentive package to include both financial and non-financial aspects. The latter could include quick career progression, frequent job rotations, flexible working hours and remote working opportunities.

6. Put people in the impact zone

All of us like to know that the work we do makes a direct difference to the business. So, don’t coop up the best talent to headquarters alone. Keep them on the field, in direct touch with customers at least once every few months so they can witness their impact first-hand.

7. Promote from within

Promote often and from within, as far as possible. This is especially true for jobs that don’t require precise technical skills. Be open to recruiting people from other departments into your own, because they do understand your business better than an outsider would and many skills can be learnt easily on the job.

Finally, remember that although talent is at a premium, it will flock to you if you can provide an environment that fosters wide-ranging learning and rapid career growth.

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