Last Monday morning, Jill walked into her office, her mind abuzz with to-dos. The spring in her step revealed how much she loved her job; she was obviously filled with energy and enthusiasm to tackle the week ahead.

Jill opened her e-mail inbox and sighed on seeing the usual start-of-week deluge of e-mails. She started the process of firefighting, offering counsel, suggesting ideas and solutions that should have probably struck the senders in the first place. She did this while balancing the incessantly ringing phone between her neck and shoulder, troubleshooting requests over that, too. Only when her stomach gave a particularly loud growl did she realise it was lunchtime. And that she was already exhausted. As she bit into her sandwich, she racked her brains to remember what it was she had actually wanted to accomplish that day. (more…)

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  1. Stephen Tosha

    You are a strong and brave woman. I admire your accomplishments.

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